Headwrap in Bow Print
Headwrap in Bow Print

Headwrap in Bow Print

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Are you ready to turn heads? You will certainly do so in these vibrant headwraps handmade by Thrifty Upenyu! Use as a headwrap, table runner, sarong, crop top, whatever you desire.

Product features:

  • 100 % cotton
  • Raw ends serged and sewn
  • 71" L x 21.75" (180cm x 55cm)
  •  red, yellow and black color


Thrifty Upenyu was created by Zimbabwean native Sheila Chimhashu. The name Thrifty Upenyu comes directly from Sheila's Zimbabwean upbringing. Thrift was impressed upon Sheila from an early age. Upenyu means life in Shona. Sheila designs all accessories with thrift in mind - finding multiple uses for a single product, such as a wristlet pouch that can be used as a clutch, makeup bag, pencil holder or keychain.

Thrifty Upenyu is based in Oswego, Illinois.
Headwrap in Bow Print