Handheld Fan in Blue

Handheld Fan in Blue

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Handmade in Ghana, these beautifully unique hand held fans are handcrafted with African fabric (Ankara) and genuine leather handles.

Easily fold and secure the fan. Each fan includes a complimentary drawstring carrying case.

Order one for yourself and another for a friend!

Product specifications:

  • fan diameter is approximately 11 inches
  • fan measures approximately 3 inches wide and 9 inches tall, when folded
  • cognac colored leather handle


Adinkra Expo is a family owned brand that brings modern fashion from Ghana to the world.

Adinkra Expo is consistently evolving to bring you cutting edge trends for men and women. In addition to offering ready made pieces, Adinkra Expo enjoys working with customers to create couture pieces for special occasions including weddings, anniversaries, galas and graduations.

All Adinkra Expo products are ethically produced in Ghana, West Africa.